Project Life Week 42


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Project Life Week 42 at Documenting ChaosThis is the last one I promise and then I will revert to my (previously) normal weekly posting. As I’ve talked about before, the only way that Project Life works for me is if I can stay absolutely up to date – even being one week behind sends me into a panic that I will never catch up!

Project Life Week 42 at Documenting ChaosMy first Story Stamp came from Ali Edwards this week. I have always loved her stamps and had previously subscribed to Technique Tuesday. Now she is selling her own digital and physical products I am spoiled for choice! Check out her site here. I used the ‘around here’ stamp on the weekly card and also the ‘love this’ on the grid card.

Project Life Week 42 at Documenting ChaosWe had a great weekend – the weather is warming up but it is still quite pleasant and we spent a lot of time outside. The pool is still a bit cold for me but the kids are in there multiple times a day.

See you next week :)

Project Life Week 41


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Project Life week 41 at Documenting ChaosSo week 41! Something has gone a little funky with my numbering – I think I have duplicated a week somewhere. But this was definitely week 41 :)

Project Life week 41 at Documenting ChaosThe lunar eclipse was one of the highlights this week. We don’t have a lot of artificial lights around our property and the change in light as it went from full moon to blood moon was really noticeable.

Project Life week 41 at Documenting ChaosWe are decorating Sawyer’s room as a surprise for his 3rd birthday in a couple of weeks. We took the opportunity while the kids were away to get the ceiling and the walls painted. I’d forgotten how tiring decorating is!

I am so happy that although the kids are¬†away every second week, their dad still sends me photos of their time with him. It’s important that I can document that part of their lives in my project life too.



Project Life Week 39


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week39First of all a big thank you to everyone who visited after I posted week 38. I have had some lovely messages and comments from people who used to follow Documenting Chaos. It feels great to be back!

Week 39 at Documenting ChaosKindee went away for work this week – just for one night, but the first night we have not been together. I packed a secret card in her bag and she left little notes for me all over the house!

Flynnie was involved in a vacation programme all week at school which he loved. They did a mini colour run, had a wheels day where they could take their bikes and scooters (“I was the only kid with no stabilisers mumma!”) and a movie afternoon with popcorn.

 Project Life Week 39 at Documenting ChaosAt the weekend we went to pick up Jackson’s trampoline and cubby house which made for two interesting trips back along the highway. We went through bush fires on sunday too – deliberately lit and threatening people’s houses.

Thanks again for all your support x



Project Life Week 38


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 Project Life week 38 at Documenting ChaosWhat can I say? It feels good to be back :)

Such a lot has happened in our lives here at Documenting Chaos over the past 18 months that blogging took at back seat. I continued with my Project Life – purely digital for a while and then back to my usual hybrid style that you see here.

We seem to get busier and busier with each passing week but I’m going to give blogging a go again and see what happens!

 Project Life week 38 at Documenting ChaosSo this was a couple of weeks ago – a week with all the kids (the crazy weeks) and a good illustration of our particular brand of chaos!

 Project Life week 38 at Documenting ChaosA happy and colourful week, especially with the Color Run at the end of the week which was a lot of fun!

I am continuing to use a lot of Ali Edwards’ digital products and you can see many examples above. Check out her new site here.

I have a couple more recent weeks to add so be sure to check back soon.

Week in the Life Day 3


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Week in the life Day 3 at Documenting Chaos

A calmer day today as we start to get settled. Sawyer has taken a violent dislike to bedtime (which begins as soon as I mention the bath!). Luckily he settles as soon as I put him in his cot!

Beautiful sunrise – I am loving living across the road from that :)


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