Project Life Week 47


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week 47 at Documenting ChaosBack into colour this week (phew!) and using some of the hundreds of stamps I have been hoarding! Of all the scrapbooking supplies, clear stamps are one of the things I cannot resist but I don’t use them nearly as much as I should. So in my quest to ‘use what I have’ rather than keep buying new things I broke out the stamps this week. And I loved it!

week 47 at Documenting ChaosSawyer ended up in ED this week with constant vomiting – no apparent cause and he was back to his old self by Wednesday morning but no one ever wants to see their little ones in a hospital bed and it was horrible.

I had some fun designing Christmas cards using Kellie Stamps and a bit of doodling. Check out Kellie’s blog and shop here.

week 47 at Documenting ChaosFlynnie is totally obsessed with dragons at the moment and in fact wants one for Christmas! I found this great drawing of Toothless from ‘How to Train your Dragon” in his school bag. Love it!

Kindee and I have been so good with our 4.30am gym sessions and low carb, high protein diet that we thought it was time for a little treat. Her parents are going to WA for Christmas so we had a special lunch with them on Sunday and we indulged just a little! The pork belly bites were a particular standout!

Project Life Week 46


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Project Life week 46 at Documenting ChaosI went for a bit of a monochrome look this week inspired by all the black and white challenges on Instagram at the moment. I found it harder than I expected but like how it turned out.

Photographing the layouts was extremely difficult and they look significantly better in real life than they do here :(

Project Life week 46 at Documenting ChaosThe stamps I’ve used are Kellie Stamps from Kellie Winnell of Give a Girl A Blog – her shop is here.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to technicolour next week!

Project Life Week 45


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Project Life Week 45 at Documenting ChaosKeeping it really simple this week after last week’s big effort with Week in the Life! I used the rub ons I had left over from Ali’s WITL kit, a couple of Studio Calico cards and Project Life midnight card stock and grid cards.

Project Life Week 45 at Documenting Chaos

Project Life Week 45 at Documenting ChaosI really like the way the photos look with just the simple rub ons and it was nice to get into a bit of journalling.


Project Life Week 44 – Week in the Life


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week 44Week 44 was my Week in the Life week. Scroll down to the previous post for more
details of how I made Ali Edwards’ awesome concept work for me.

I have it sitting in my Project Life binder in week 44 and I used some bits and pieces that I had left over from Ali’s kit to fill in my week here too.

SONY DSCSONY DSCAnd this is how it looks with my WITL sitting inside it:

SONY DSCCheck out Ali’s site here for more information about Week in the Life and a whole lot of inspiration!

Week in the Life – putting it all together


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SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCI have always had my Week in the Life sit within my Project Life binder and this year is no different. I used Ali’s 8.5×111 digital templates (available here) as the base for each day and I also had her Week in the Life kit this year which gave me the embellishments and stamps I used.

My wonderful friend Kristina put together a whole heap of digital brush script for me to use. I used my silhouette to cut out the days of the week from black card stock. She also did our names for the front cover and the family quote for the back. Thanks so much Tina – you are a star xx

Choosing which photos to use was much harder than I expected. I’d already culled each day when I blogged but then to choose again was difficult! I will put some into my weekly Project Life layout as well.

As I am every year, I’m really happy that I took part in WITL. This was a massive week for us with Sawyer’s birthday but I still captured a lot of everyday moments too and that is what it is all about.

If you would like to learn more about Week in the Life, please visit Ali Edwards’ website here.

Week in the Life – Sunday


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IMG_6092 Sorting my photos while Kindee is still asleep.IMG_6094 A coffee while the kids make the most of the jumping castle before it’s collected.IMG_6125 The first of two sessions in the pool today.IMG_6131 The kids’ uniforms drying inside. We don’t tend to hang clothes outside because they fade too fast.IMG_6137At Balgal Beach for fish and chips and a bit of relaxation!IMG_6140 IMG_6141 IMG_6144

My family :)Photo 2-11-2014 20 57 29My EC planner at the end of the week compared with monday’s photo. I don’t normally decorate it but I had a spider left over from the ones I cut with my Cameo for Halloween!IMG_6148 Sawyer with possibly the biggest marshmallow in the world.IMG_6152 Yum!IMG_6155 Jackson the master marshmallow toaster.IMG_6167Sawyer saying thank you to my wonderful friend Kristina who did this brush script quote from Toy Story for his birthday. Kristina also did the awesome digital brush script I’m using in my WITL. Thanks Tina xxxx

I have really enjoyed this Week in the Life. It was a massive week anyway and I felt the pressure a bit at times but I am so happy looking back at our life captured in this way. A huge thank you to Ali Edwards for dreaming this great idea up in the first place. Check out her blog here.

Now I just have to work out how I’m going to put it all together. I have Ali’s kit but no binder – it is going in with my Project Life. Will let you know how I get on!

Week in the Life – Saturday


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witl145 Tidying up the yard before the jumping castle arrived. It is a long time since we had any rain and it is very dry here. I think most of this dust ended up under my contact lenses…!IMG_6015Prepping for the second party in 2 days :)IMG_6017 Watching the jumping castle going up through the window screen.IMG_6019Flynnie and Jackson testing it out.IMG_6037 Quick nap for the party boy before everyone arrived.IMG_6031This way to the party!IMG_6040 Flynnie took this picture of his friend Aston.IMG_6070 Running – always running.IMG_6055Sawyer and his best friend from school.IMG_6063IMG_6067Me and my beautiful boyIMG_6065Ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. It was delicious :)IMG_6088 Sawyer testing out his birthday present from Kindee’s parents – he loved it and is getting more and more confident in the water.IMG_6087 Finally some quiet time!jotAnd an unexpected surprise for me – I made the finalist list for the Jot Girl team for 2015! Jot is an awesome online paper crafting magazine. Check it out here.

If you would like to find out more about Week in the Life, visit Ali Edwards’ site here.

Week in the Life – Friday


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IMG_5965Big day today – Sawyer turned three! So difficult to photograph this child. He just doesn’t stay still long enough!IMG_5949As a surprise we decorated his room. He’s been sleeping in Flynnie’s room this week so he didn’t see it until this morning. He kept saying “is this my room?’IMG_5972 Thomas shirts from Grandma.IMG_5982 A quick iPad lesson from Flynnie.IMG_5997 Red shirts today for Day for Daniel – a day where the kids are educated about stranger danger in memory of Daniel Morcombe. All three of the boys came home with the message today.IMG_5998 Dirty cars. Driving on the unsealed road every day the cars get dirty so quickly.IMG_6001Shopping for party supplies.IMG_6004A little treat – chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. My favourite!IMG_6006 Waiting for the train.IMG_6009 Getting ready for a little Halloween party.IMG_0179 My little pumpkin – I persuaded him to ear this suit (which he doesn’t love) just for a few photos. He then forgot he had it on :)

IMG_0188All the scares! The little witch is Paige, Sharon’s little girl. Sharon is doing WITL too – check out her blog here.IMG_0197 Jackson’s spiderweb moustache.IMG_5938Our carved pumpkin.IMG_0208 Sawyer out of his cot and into a racing car!IMG_0209Happy Halloween!

If you would like to find out more about Week in the Life, visit Ali Edwards’ site here.

Week in the Life – Thursday


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Three empty beds this morning and a trampoline full of teddies. The boys were not far away.IMG_5901

Roses from the Atherton Tablelands for my favourite person. Someone at work brings them down and they are just beautiful. They last for ages too, nothing like the supermarket ones.IMG_5903

Caffeine was the thing today with work to catch up on and a tooth that was still sore :(IMG_5904

Went over to the new building to check on the chair installation – they look great and the yellow is beautiful.IMG_5914 Flynnie loves these plastic panels – today it was a ‘space rocket with 4 levels’IMG_5918

More shopping getting a few final things for Sawer’s birthday tomorrow. A gingerbread man and chocolate milk helped us through.IMG_5922 Checking the mail box.SONY DSC Spying on the kids using my SLR – they are right over the other side of the paddock.IMG_5926 Bathtime – out of focus but I still love it!IMG_5932 Jackson and Flynnie doing all the actions to the start of one of their favourite TV shows – Tree Foo Tom.IMG_5950Kindee working while I wrap birthday presents.

If you would like to find out more about Week in the Life, visit Ali Edwards’ site here.

Week in the Life – Wednesday


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Found Sawyer in Flynnie’s bed this morning watching his iPad.IMG_5858

Bin day – we tow the bins down to the end of the driveway on the back of the car. Way too far to walk :)IMG_5860

Flynnie’s lunchbox in the fridge at school.IMG_5867

Back home and more coffee for me.IMG_5874

A rare lunch on my own at home.IMG_5888

Shopping after school is never the most fun.IMG_5880

But the bun made it a bit better!IMG_5899Stories for Sawyer – The Very Busy Spider.

I wasn’t well today and spent the day at home. It would be easy for me to give up on WITL at this point – as Ali said in her blog today Wednesday is a bit of a point of no return. Keen to keep on going – we have some exciting stuff happening later this week.

If you would like to find out more about Week in the Life, visit Ali Edwards’ site here.



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